Help Detective Goatman solve the murder of a Supah K-Star!

Everyone hides their secrets. Lick every clue on sight and track the devious murderer! What are you waiting for?

Your efforts are needed!

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lmao @ the whack JBP quote at the end but otherwise a delightful game with a great style & soundtrack :) a lot of small detective games are either way too easy or too open-ended/challenging, but I think you struck a great balance & I'd love to see Goatman solve another mystery one day!

This is probably one of the best games I've played so far on! It just exudes so much style and energy. The characters are wonderfully weird, and memorable, and the game has a fantastic sense of humor. A marvelous game!

plz dowload

pretty funny lol~!


Got a glitch where I couldn't ever continue to game. I could never confront Lee.

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

Fantastic wee game that oozes style. I mean look at that goatly-strut. Absolutely fantastic art and music, with some great wee character. I love this goat too damn much.


My friend and I had an absolute BLAST playing your game! This was absolutely amazing. =D there was so much dialogue and each time you talked to the characters there was something new. I would love to see maybe an indicator for "new topics" or something to show what all you need to talk to a character about, but that's just a minor mechanic that didn't effect the overall experience. Thank for such an amazing game =D


The confront button isn't showing up for me, is there something i need to do in order to get it to come up? I'm enjoying it so far, despite this.

Great game! love it, specially the plot twists and the goat. 10/10!!!

To understand the goatiest of all time, you've gotta BE the goatiest of all time!

This is a wonderfully bizarre point and click murder mystery game with a cavalcade of quirky characters and a good chunk of gameplay time as you uncover additions to the story from interrogating the suspects and find new clues as you search through each room.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much there is to this, and how much it made me smile, laugh and then laugh some more as the kooky story gets wilder and wilder. Totally worth the time and effort, and a job very well done! I massively recommend it to anyone who's a fan of the good old comedy point and click genre!

As for the devs, keep up the awesome work =)

I love the game, the visuals, stories, gameplay as well as the music

10/10 well done and would recommend


this game is amazing i love it i even made a video on it

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I said this in my rating too, but I'm in love with this game! If you ever make a kickstarter, or gofundme, or patreon, in the goal of making a full-length Goat Detective Superstar game, sign me up. Getting a more polished, more lengthy Goat detective story, maybe even spanning several cases, or even a series of Goat Detective games, would just be amazing.  I beg of you, be ambitious. For now, I'll just enjoy the game we have with the friends I have. 

Although -walking with a and d, adding some new poses/emotes when the story progresses in certain directions, or making an indicator for when the Gods permit an item to be interacted with or not, would be great. Perhaps even fleshing out everyone's favorite Goat's powers in a similar fashion to intuition in LA Noir, or Trauma Center's magic(Surgery game for the DS/Wii, where a magical surgeon performs great feats) would be interesting. 

Of course, you could do none of that and I would still play your games religiously. 

This game was a joy to play and so sassy! I loved it! 😘

I recently played this game for my Indie Game Showcase. I thought the game was really interesting and I did enjoy it. My only thing about it was when starting from a checkpoint it actually starts you from the beginning. Other then that It was a pretty good game.

If you are interested in Gameplay here is the gameplay video I did.


I probably do not need to say this but the best thing about this game is the art style, particularly Goatman and his fantabulous goat gait.

The user interface is friendly, however, the walking controls could use some improvement given the amount of clicks required to get from one place to the other and the accidental clicks on objects that we do not want to interact with, perhaps adding support for the A & D keys or the arrow keys for walking instead of clicking would make that better.

The story is fairly engaging, albeit the ending is a little disappointing because of the obvious guilt provided by the unwarranted contradiction between the suspect's reactions to two of the items, and how the other suspects do not suspect the true culprit. I think the evidence that points to the culprit needs to be a little more obscure so as to make the player think harder before making an accusation, and also have the other suspects be more suspicious of the culprit, at least because of his shaky yet finger-pointing behaviour.

It would be nice if the game were expanded to have more cases to solve.


I love the style of this game! It feels very polished visually. It was a bit tough to navigate as some have mentioned (clicking repeatedly to walk around but then you accidentally click on an object/person). Once I looked in the comments to see there was a "confront" option, it became a lot easier to finish the game. Basically every time you get a new clue, talk to everyone and talk to them abut the clue plus all of the people. That seemed to work for me. The motive was a little silly, but I can understand as idols their image is truly forefront. And of course it's always the person you least suspect. I'm glad I played the game, I hope there are more stories to come from Goat Detective!

Thank you for playing the game!  We are glad to see the game has had good reception, the feedback has been amazing and we are learning a lot from all of your recomendations :)

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Just finished the game. I would say you have an amazing main character, well designed, dialogue really supported his character. Goatman reminded me of a Jojo characters style and confidence (especially his pose during confrontations) while still feeling original. 

  I didn't like that you can miss confrontations so easily, my first play through I didn't even realize the prompt appeared. Maybe just change the color or placement for the prompt so it's more prominent. It sort of made it feel more systematic. Like I know after finding a new piece of evidence it meant a new round of talking to everyone until I found new evidence or had to make a confrontation. More rooms with easily missable objects like keys for interactive closest would help it not feel as repetitive. Also I would have Goatman acknowledge he has all the eviedence to piece the crime together or you could walk around for too long looking for more evidence and confrontations that don't exist like I did.

  The art style is unique and works really well, came onto this page ready to laugh until I tried the game and was pulled in by the colors and soundtrack, as well as Goatman and his distaste for lowly humans.

  Hated that I couldn't just hold down the mouse button in a direction to make Goatman walk, at times I pressed on the staircase trying to head to Lee and if I left the office and went in his direction I would rapidly switch between the two by accident.

  One of the weakest parts was the mystery. Once you uncover one of the last two items (not weapons) the perpetrator seemed heavily obvious and 2 out of 4 of the characters seemed out of question. I guessed what happened before I even found the last set of items and weapons.

  The only part weaker than the mystery was the motive and  lack of any visuals when confronting the killer. In Detective Conan the reveal and the killers reasoning are heavy scenes, they can either reinforce the killer as a monster or give them a bit of humanity. By just adding the person crying, a twisted face with anger, or with a lost look, you could have given the reveal more emotional impact. With a poor reason it made me feel like the incident was a bit forced and just silly. 

Overall 7/10 - Really enjoyable. Don't think I'll ever forget Goatman as an MC, he's just fucking awesome. Great soundtrack, engaging mystery to a point, original art style,  dialogue was decent, and a terrible motive. Would heavily recommend and I pray to the great detectives in the sky we get more of GoatMan. I'll stream this and recommend the game to many


We are deeply grateful for taking your time to review our game and also glad to see that it had a good impression on you, and we cannot be thankful enough for the care you took and all the feedback you have given to us. We'll make sure to take it into account to craft a better experience overall.

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The art is cool, and the plot is intriguing. I couldn't find the "Confront" button that the others mention. However, it's so easy to click "Accuse". You can accuse as soon as you have one suspect and one weapon, but if you miss one piece of dialogue, it seems like you miss "Confront" entirely. That's obviously what happened to me. It's a pity, because I was really getting interested in the story, and I just got stuck like many of the others in the comments here. Maybe I'll come back to it another day!

We have noticed that problem with the "Confront" button, thank you for the feedback, we'll be fixing that on the upcoming patch.

Game is great actually. Super fresh and pretty engaging.

Though I'm stuck after the first confrontation.

Trust the Supah Star and you will be guided out of that lowly oof :)!


I love the way he walks~

Goatman will strike you down with justice and style!


Lowly Human! Are you courting Goatman?

I did all the four confrontations but I couldn't guess the murderer right, what an oof

Repent for your miserable deductions lowly human!

This is simply golden~ Fun, with great music and art. Story progression and detective's superskills are awesome too! Thanks for the game, I hope you'll make more games starring Detective Goatman in the future!

(P.S. Works fine in Firefox now, played through it without any troubles. However this issue with re-enabling of music is still reproducible)

We will later release the music for everyone to enjoy! :) Thank you for playing

I don't know if we can discover two bottom weapons on that screencapture, but it's good game anyways.


You can! So, like, there's an entire "Confront" button that I and some of my friends missed out on our first few attempts. Once you gather all the evidence you can find and talk to everyone about all topics, you can hit the Confront button to move on to the next segment. Eventually you will discover those weapons.

don't forget to check on the body.


While the writing could use some light proofreading, I thought this was a really cute and fun game. I liked the K-pop idol setting, and a goatman detective with a slight disdain for humanity definitely made for an interesting main character.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got both the killer and murder weapon right. I'm glad it ended up being my least favorite character too.

Thank you we'll make sure to take your feedback into account and polish the experience, thank you for your time :)


Colonel Mustard in the library with the wrench

I see... you have seen the Supah Star~

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I can't figure it out and it's driving me nuts that I have to start all over every time I fail ahhhhhhh

edit: once i realized that there was an entire confront button that advanced the game it became a lot easier to figure out

edit edit: BUT then i got stuck after my 4th confront and it reset my progress :(

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4th confront is the last one. You can accuse the murder by going back to the body and take your guess

We are sorry this happened to you, it's been a process with lots of feedback in order to provide a better experience. Thank you for your passion and time.


I didn't expect the Jordan B Peterson (?) quote at the end. Also, one character seemed to have hair, but someone else said they were bald?

The dialog needs some extra polishing. And yes! It is a quote from Jordan B Peterson :)

Deleted 1 year ago

THere are no bears only Alpaca Pins!

I absolutely love this game! The artstyle, the music, everything. The mistery part was great as well, I was pretty happy I got the culprit right at first try, though I don't think it was supposed to be hard.(I just overthink everything in these kind of games)

Great job, and I'm really eager to play more games by you! <3

And your next words will be, "This is JoJo reference!"

This is a JoJo reference... NANI?

Seems super fun, but the game keeps clicking in one spot even if i'm not clicking there :(


The game seems to be cool but I can't see the text :(

Moreover, if we disable the music we can't re-enable it later :(

Really eager to try this!


game looks broken on Firefox but seems to work with Chrome

Yes, just tried on Chrome and it works

Hello! Thank you for playing our game, we really appreciate  it! We would love to hear what you think of it, and feel free to tell us about any issues you find :) .We are currently working on a fix for Firefox!  We will be launching a patch soon to fix the issue and other changes :).